Smile FC

Smile FC Co., Ltd. is convinced that our desires and actions decide the future. In this idea, we always try to read modern needs and take a half step faster action to create our food culture in the future.

First, the effort of change and creation

According to the needs of consumers and franchisees, Smile FC is always focusing on changing and creating, not imitating, new beverages and deserts and actively distributes to the public.

Second, Efficient Food and Beverage Business

Smile FC is always pursuing the effective and efficient marketing method.

Third, Promising our Best of Best!

As Smile FC is the public-friendly company which satisfies both franchisees and customers, we always try to make EVERYONE smile.


It is Fun

The Fantastic visual to draw all passengers' eyes! It is fun dessert!

It is Delicious

Luxury Italy Yogurt Ice Cream! Sweet and sour fruits dipped in the Dark Chocolate! And Korean's best dessert Fish Bun! The Fantastic combination of taste!

It is Special

The special fish bun paste which can hold the ice cream for a long time without collapsing!

It is Easy

It is easy and fast to start business with lower budget!


World Favorite Ice Cream fish Bun = ABOONG


We proudly introduce our news on magazines, videos and news papers!

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